Field Crop

Our main activity

The company’s most important activities are research, development of new varieties, plant conservation, production, selection, and seed trading for extensive crops such as winter and spring cereals, grain legumes, oilseed, and industrial crops, forage seeds, and premium forage mixtures.

In addition to serving the demanding national market, we export to several other countries in Europe, North Africa, North America, and Central-South America.

The production, research, and trade of different varieties of agricultural seeds requires a high degree of specialization and complexity which Semillas Batlle manages using our 200+ years of professional experience in research and development.

Our R&D department is dedicated to finding sustainable and environmentally friendly agronomic solutions using the highest industry standards. We conduct hundreds of field trials and experiments with the existing market varieties. In addition, we have multiple independent breeding programs for each crop to create varieties through new breeding techniques such as speed breeding, double haploids, and marker-assisted selection. The breeding program and the field trials are carried out at the Bell-Lloc research center and in other locations within the regions where we work to ensure adaptation to all the climatic and soil conditions of the Mediterranean basin.

Range of products

Winter Cereals

We introduce new varieties of barley, common wheat, durum wheat, oats, triticale, and rye yearly. These varieties have a higher yield and are resistant to the most prevalent diseases, pests, and environmental factors.

Grain Legumes

Batlle has always shown particular interest in grain legumes both for animal and human consumption: Veza Sativa, Veza villosa, peas, horse bean, Bitter vetch (Ervil), chickpeas, lupins, and particular industrial crops.

Spring-Summer Crops

Batlle has a wide range of products of sorghum grain, forage sorghum, and Sudan grass that reinforce spring-summer crop solutions and are grain and forage alternatives for irrigated or excellent cool dryland conditions.

Oil seeds and industrial

We have hybrid sunflower varieties, which are an excellent solution for oil yield and percentage, are resistant to broom and mildew, and are rich in linoleic and oleic acids. We also offer varieties that produce seeds for human consumption and non-hybrid sunflower. We also have our varieties of cotton and rapeseed and genetic permits for the rapeseed and soybean market.

Forage Seeds

Batlle has a broad portfolio of species and varieties for forage production, long-term grasslands, vegetable covers, and agricultural rotations crops, guaranteeing production and profitability for ranchers and farmers. In addition, Semillas Batlle has autonomy over the production of varieties developed by our R&D Department and others developed by the Seed Production Department.

Premium Blends

A new line of forage, meadows, vegetable, and agricultural covers, specifically adapted to the Iberian Peninsula’s conditions, represent a complete set of solutions that use the best species and varieties of grasses, legumes, and other species.

The PBR (Plant breeders’ rights) varieties obtained over recent years by the R&D department guarantee significant autonomy in seed production and represent a unique competitive factor for Batlle.