Today, the company has been fully consolidated with the formation of the Batlle Group, which today is a reality with projection towards a great future in the newly released XXI century.

The company has spread to all areas; in addition to production and varietal improvement, one of the most modern facilities for package containers and vacuum boxes has been set up. Another of the sections in which the Group has made a significant investment has been communication and marketing, carrying out a process of modernization and diversification of the packaging of the various products, as well as continuous actions to support the point of sale. Seed exports to many countries have also increased considerably, and several technology transfer contracts have been concluded with Italy, Greece and Morocco.

Learn about our history:

1802, The Pioneers

This story begins in the green Irish landscapes, which the O’Neils, ancestors of the protagonists of these pages, abandoned in the seventeenth century, fleeing religious persecution, coming to end up in the lands of the Maresme.

The first of the saga, good people, was Joan Nonell i Vinyes (1769-1850), who for his good-natured mood earned the nickname of El Hortelano Bonminyó and, of course, when in 1802 he began to market seeds and plants, the commercial Nonell was known by the locals as the “Horta de Cal Bonminyó”.

Settled since the end of the century in horticultural lands, owned by Rafel Mas, on the outskirts of Mataró, Joan Nonell marries María Rosa Cases Rovira, and both settle in a simple farmhouse that, renovated by the next generation, would host the Nonell saga for two centuries.