Orchard & Garden

Orchard & Garden

Our Home Garden division aimed at the garden and garden enthusiasts, sells a wide variety of products, from seeds and accessories, to substrates, fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

Our commercial policy always seeks profitability for our customers and that is why in addition to the Batlle brand for the professional market, we have created the aGreen brand for the DIY / large distribution sector and Verdy for the multi-price sector.

In this way we avoid the competition of brands with each other, being the only ones that offer this differentiation, which makes us the company that offers the most profitability and attractiveness for merchants.

Seed Sachets

Our complete range of horticultural, flower, aromatic and organic seeds, makes us true specialists offering products of the highest quality.

Envelopes of Ecological Shoots

Wide collection of varieties to obtain shoots easy to grow at home and ideal for the whole family that allow a wide variety of healthy recipes.

Grass seeds

Mixtures of lawns specially created for each geographical area, climate or need, with state-of-the-art varieties and total guarantee of germination.

Flower bulbs

For fans of the world of flowers and gardening, we offer a wide collection of bulbs of the best quality, imported directly from Holland.

Fertilizer and phytosanitary sachets

Batlle is the only brand to exclusively offer this product in envelope format, which is perfectly in tune with the target and with the new consumption habits.

Fertilizers, fertilizers and phytosanitary products

We offer products with different formats and own formulations to increase growth, protection against pests and for the general improvement of crops.

Growing substrate

A range of great commercial success with top quality raw materials such as perlite, coconut fiber or vermiculite and with a great visual appeal at the point of sale.

Easy Grow Kits

Presented in very attractive packaging, with great notoriety and with surprising mixtures created for the young, modern and urban customer looking for different options.