Our facilities

Our facilities

Grupo Batlle has an extraordinary laboratory, including the latest technological advances to control the quality of the seeds. This laboratory, managed by an agricultural Technical Engineer, has a significant team of professional technicians.


Our headquarters are located in Molins de Rei (Barcelona), from where we coordinate all Batlle production and logistics. This office is connected in real life with the commercial delegates and the factory.

Bell-lloc Office

This office covers an area of 14.000 square meters, and has the ultimate system of vacuum-packaging in boxes and packages. All the supplies for our commands around the Iberian peninsula are done from Bell.lloc The silos currently owned by the company allows it to produce around 20.000Tn of seeds per campaign.

Torrente de Cinca Office

With a surface of 4,5 ha is one of the most automatized and technological factories in Europe. 72 vertical storehouse silos for 7 million kilos of seeds, pneumatic transport to ensure máximum purity. Cutting-edge technology for seed selection, packaging and storage to meet the most demanding requirements.

Talavera la Nueva Office

The brand-new substrates factory and facilities of Talavera provide storage and distribution support to the Bell·lloc office. It covers a constructed surface of 9.000 square meters.
Its production area is the Tajo and Extremadura area.

El Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural, a través de su proyecto “Europa invierte en zonas rurales” ha concedido una ayuda pública a Semilla Batlle . Esta ayuda está destinada a la Implementación de una nueva línea de mezcla y envasado de semillas y sustratos.

The objective of the EAFRD is to promote sustainable rural development across the Union, as well as to support the creation of a more environmentally friendly, innovative and more competitive agricultural sector.