Test Fields

Test Fields

Thanks to the different selection and improvement programmes that are being undertaken, farmers have a wide offer of different varieties of the main agricultural sectors: horticultural, fodders, grass, winter and spring cereals, oilseeds, protein crops, etc.

Determining what variety is going to bring more to the table, both in performance and quality with the best adaptation of the agro climatic conditions of each zone, is no easy task.

For that purpose, several trials for new varieties are conducted in micro plots.

The finality of these experiments is to introduce the farmers to the information about the behaviour of certain varieties so that they can choose the one that fits the best their farming conditions and satisfy at the same time the demand of the agri-food industries, improving its competitiveness.
That is why Semillas Batlle conducts continuous trials for the different varieties of seeds with the purpose of submitting them to determined conditions to see how they behave and find out their qualities in respect to the other varieties in the market, or the degree in quality of that variety.